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Body Lotion-Moisture Activating is a natural, herbal product that belongs to AGEMA’s "advanced” Primeval Line of skincare products. It is completely natural, untainted by chemicals, preservatives, and colorings, an ideal way to rejuvenate skin. It is made from the wild herbs self-growing in the perpetual field of energy emanating from the Valley of Dodoni, Epirus, and harvested only once a year, during their flowering season. In synergy with the sun, the moon, and the area’s sonic vibrations, the body lotion emerges uniquely potent.

The Dodonic Method calls for product preparation that is carried out by means of a stringently specific set of recipes which employs STRICTLY the natural energy sources found in the area, the area’s wild, indigenous flora, rocks, minerals, and other materials, organic and inorganic. The entire procedure takes place in the specialized facilities located in the greater area of the Valley of Dodoni. Production under this method takes 3½ months (105 days) and is heightened throughout by the Earth’s natural forces, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and specific musical vibrations until the products are deemed ready for use. Use of the specific portions of plants in the product is carried out only within the first 30 minutes as of the plants’ removal from the soil so that they are still alive when used. Vibration frequency varies with every stage. What is more, as of the 2nd stage of production, vibration frequencies for women’s products differ from those appropriate for men’s products. While obtaining the herbs’ extracts, solar power has to be present and the entire process has to remain thoroughly natural without the intervention of technology even when it comes to packaging the products. The outer layer of the packaging is dried and solidified special mud which naturally shields the products within from external influences. AGEMA packaging made from this particular soil-mud from the area of Dodoni seals the packaged product’s nature and energy. In that way, all of the packaged product’s vibrations remain powerful, unchanged, and unaffected.

The primeval Dodonic Method of production of AGEMA skincare products is an exclusive patent. It is attested and protected by the Ministry of Development, the National Medicine Organization (EOF), and the European Legislation in force.

AGEMA’s Moisture Activating Body Lotion is a velvety, natural trigger of skin moisture. It is thoroughly absorbed by the skin and cloaks you with a sense of fulfillment. It smoothes skin out helping it emerge in all its solidly clear glory. It offers in-depth moisturizing and continues to nourish your skin long after its use, thanks to the primordial substances of the elixir it contains. It regenerates and bestows luminosity on skin, activating the primeval anti-ageing processes registered in your skin cells. It is your skin’s shield against environmental and external energy influences.

General Tips
Before "breaking” the packaged product’s mud cast so that you may use it, please follow the steps given below:
  • For a few minutes, remain within the field of a space you call yours without outside noise or other distractions.
  • Pick up the clay package, cup it within your palms, and send your intentions through.
  • Tune in with your true "wants”. Then, request and open yourself up to receiving.
  • Lest you forget, AGEMA is the "medium” channeling the pure, true energy source of the Valley of Dodoni.
  • Break the packaging’s mud layer with your own hands.
  • If it resists you can dampen it to make it easier to break.
  • Place the broken mud layer’s parts in your potted plants.
  • Let yourself go in the silky touch of AGEMA’s Body Lotion after a relaxing shower with Body Bath-Energy Activating. The lotion works best after the morning shower especially when you have no time to use Body Elixir.
  • Apply an adequate amount of lotion on the whole body from the neck down. Use your palms to spread it everywhere on your skin with gentle motions.
Frequency of use:
  • Your skin deserves the Body Lotion’s velvety touch every day. Ideally, apply after your evening shower. If your skin feels dry, apply in the morning.

Once you have opened the package, please keep the product contained within in a space to which other individuals have no access since it is already the keeper of your energy and intentions. It’s yours and yours alone!

Aqua (Water), Alcohol Denat, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Cetearyl Glucoside, Glycerin, Sorbitan Olivate, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, Parfum (Fragrance), Xanthan Gum, Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Flower/Leaf/St
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Product History

The word cosmetics derives from the Greek "cosmetic art” (kosmetikē tekhnē), meaning "technique of dress and ornament”. It shows that the history of herbal cosmetics in Greece began thousands of years ago and that the ancient Greeks considered them the tools to an art. Herbal cosmetics played a prominent part in the ancient Greeks’ everyday personal care and hygiene. Those ancient herbal cosmetics were usually made from plant-derived oils, almonds, and sesame and were mostly used in the grooming of hair, face, and body. Both ancient Greek women and men took great pride in their physical appearance and their day always started with their beauty regime. However, herbal concoctions, unguents, and ointments also served healing and religious purposes. Numerous are the depictions in frescoes and the citations in the writings of famous Greek writers as to the use of cosmetics. Once the Persian Wars had ended and ancient Greece entered a period of cultural and civil prosperity, demand for and supply of herbal cosmetics began to rise and develop in leaps and bounds. The rise of ancient Athens to the position of the cultural hub of all Greek cities saw the galloping growth of the sciences, the arts, and of poetry. But it also saw the rise in the use of cosmetic products, with the ancient Greeks of the time seeking new ways to improve their appearance through nutrition, athletics, and cosmetics.

Perfumes, ointments, and powders traveled to the far reaches of the globe with some of them still being around today and considered a daily hygiene habit. Perfumes were used by both men and women after bathing, for aesthetic as well as healing reasons. Herbal creams that treated freckles and wrinkles also appeared together with essential oils which served a variety of uses. For instance, mastiha (mastic) oil was well known for treating body odors, walnut oil protected the chest, and thyme oil was applied on the neck. As key ingredients, ancient herbal cosmetics used flowers and herbs growing in profusion in the Greek countryside. Today, millennia later, herbal cosmetics in Greece are still made from the rare yet bountiful flora of the Greek countryside without any chemical additives. They reflect the Greek land’s stunning diversity of flora and bestow on everyone the healing benefits of their precious primary ingredients.


AGEMA Ancient Beauty Secrets was established in Ligos, Ioannina, in the greater area of the ancient Dodoni Valley. There, it is enveloped in powerfully mystical natural vistas where plants indigenous to the valley, plants once considered a gift from the gods make their omnipotent presence known everywhere. Its vibrant energy is diffused and reaches out to every form of life it surrounds and is surrounded by: an area of perpetual, inexhaustible, natural energy source. Who could wonder why, back in the mists of Time, it was chosen as the place for the Oracle of Dodoni, the oldest oracle of ancient times which remained the only one for the longest period of time

Using specific primeval rituals and recipes, our ancient Greek forefathers fully embraced all of the powers, and all of the gloriously palpitating potential of all living beings belonging to the area’s flora, wondrous beings which self-growing pristine and untainted since time immemorial, held the key to “clear information” and to a heightened collective memory. AGEMA was “born” so that, in full accord with Nature and its laws, it may pass on these natural, pure energy gifts.

AGEMA’s primeval, natural energy products are the “conveyor”, the “path” channeling the Energy Source of Dodoni towards the unique self every human being harbors within.

Visit the region: Dodoni

Dodoni (or Dodona) is a historical area of Greece, southwest of Ioannina, on the foothills of Tomaros Mountain, in Epirus. Dodoni is of enormous archaeological significance and an inextricable part of Greek civilization. The ancient theatre and oracle revealed during archaeological excavations in the area were of such historical importance that they made Dodoni famous again.

The first citations of Dodoni are encountered in the Homeric epics (circa 750 BCE) and then again in the writings of Herodotus who placed the foundation of the oracle in the 2nd millennium BCE and in the works of Aristotle who considered the area the origins of the Hellenes. The first to control the Oracle of Dodoni were the Thesprotians from 1900-1600 BCE up to the 4th century BCE when it passed to the Molossians. The Molossians made it the center of their religious practices and built imposing edifices with the most important ones being the temple of Zeus Dodonaeus, the Prytanaeum, the Bouleuterion, and the ancient theater of Dodoni. In 219 BCE, the Aetolians invaded the temple and burned it to the ground, but it was rebuilt later by King Philip V of Macedon. In 168 BCE, the splendid temple and the remaining buildings were destroyed by the Romans only to be rebuilt by Emperor Augustus in 31 BCE. In the 1st century CE, the Romans converted the theater into an arena for wild animal fights. Once Christianity had spread, the buildings were razed to the ground. For many a century Dodoni remained deserted. During the invasion by barbaric tribes, the inhabitants fled the area which fell under Turkish rule until 1913 when it was liberated with the rest of Epirus. However, archaeological excavations in Dodoni had started as early as 1874, revealing the light that once was Dodoni and keeping it alive until today. The Municipality of Dodoni was formed in 1998, comprises 11 villages whose architecture is the traditional one of Epirus, and is characterized by breathtaking, enchanting vistas.

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Body lotion-Moisture activating "AGEMA" 6.7fl.oz

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AGEMA Body Lotion-Moisture Activating is a strictly natural product made in the primordial Valley of Dodoni, Epirus. Its velvety texture triggers your body’s moisture and generates an overall feeling of skin freshness.
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