A white, tasteful cheese that conquered the world! Not because it is Greek… but because it is unique and wonderful! Feta is just one and Greek! Considered the queen of cheese and isn’t missing from the daily table of the Greeks, which undoubtedly are the ambassadors of the famous, healthy Mediterranean diet!

Feta, The Queen Of Cheeses

Feta is made exclusively of sheep’s milk or from a combination of sheep’s and up to 30% of goat's milk. Once feta is crafted, it is stored in brine or sour milk for a period of 3 months. The grandest moment of feta, that unique cheese, came in 1996 when it was certified by the European Union under a Protected Designation of Origin label. That means that the term "Feta" cannot be used for cheese that looks like and tastes similar to feta and is produced outside the borders of Greece by any other technique than the Greek traditional one. Some foreign countries have tried to prepare a similar white cheese, but using cow's milk. To give but a similar product, they had to use artificial coloring bleaching agents. But as the artificial color can not last for long, fast cheese loses its color and turns yellow. Although cow's milk is thick, producing this cheese has a lot of fat. And of course they can never produce cheese with the flavor and aroma of the real feta because of plants and shrubs growing in Greek soil.

Greeks, include feta cheese in their daily meals giving a unique flavor to their dishes, through the most traditional... combination! Served in almost all meals and used in many recipes. It's necessary complement to summer salads combined with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and oregano. All the greek, tasteful pies made ​​with dough sheet into various shapes use feta as their base. "Ntakos" is also, a delicious, popular Cretan appetizer, which it’s made ​​with wheat barleys, tomato, capers, and feta and may accompany ouzo on warm summer days.

Certainly the Greeks know how to eat well and healthy... All you have to do is to trust them…