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  • Greek salad with cherry tomatoes
  • Fava beans combined with sautéed capers
  • Oven roast chicken with honey and rosemary
  • Yogurt mousse with grape spoon sweet and fig nougat with honey
  • Tomato fritters from the Cyclades
  • Biscuits with honey
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 Get to know Greek feta!

Greek 'Sarakosti', is the most important fasting period in the Greek Orthodox Christianity. Also called as the (Great) Lent it got its name from the number forty (40), which equals to the fasting period that Moses spent on Mount Sinai or the days that Prophet Elijah spent in the desert of Horeb, before meeting with God. Nevertheless, number 40 was especially formulated after the example of Christ,...

Greek food is for sharing. Just ask anyone who has had the opportunity to be part of one of these typical, massive, never-ending Greek family tables.

But what makes all these gatherings so special?
No doubt, the mentality of friends or family and the table companionship, make a difference. Sure, a household cook may add up to the experience.
Nevertheless, how would such a typical Greek table be, with...

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