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Product Description
The best red tomatoes are chosen with special care and sun-dried with salt, before being used in this unique delicacy as its basic ingredient. This meze is very common in various Greek regions. Sun-drying and preservation in oil were methods used to preserve the excess amount of tomatoes produced in summer, for consumption during the winter months. Enjoy the sun-dried tomatoes on their own, as an appetizer, or as an accompaniment to wine, ouzo or beer. Try this outstanding delicacy with cold meat and cheese. Also, don't hesitate to use it in green salads, as a topping on pizzas and a filling for omelettes. Try adding it to a rizotto and create a scruptious meal or put some in a regular tomato sauce - the end result will surprise you. Add sun-dried tomatoes to sandwich fillings and finally just be creative!
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Product History
The concept of "meze" is one of the main elements of the culinary culture of Greece. From the traditional coffee shops of the past up to the modern tavern, meze comes to our table in a wide variety of seafood, cold cuts, cheese and even nuts. Enjoy them with good company and traditional Greek distillates and drinks!
Meet the producer: Local Products
Local Products

The company BRETAS, is a family business founded in 1995 in Agiokampos - Larissa. The company engages in the processing and packaging of selected agricultural products mainly originating from the wider region of Larissa. The raw materials are directly supplied by the producers, according to the specifications set by the company, which keeps investing in quality management and assurance systems, in technological equipment, in specially trained personnel and the creation of new, innovative products and packaging.

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Visit the region: Larissa

The district of Larissa, covers the north-western part of Thessaly, and is the biggest prefecture of Greece. It has a long history, as the region has been inhabited since 6000 BC. The name "Larissa" is of Pelasgian origin, and means a "highly organised hill or acropolis. During the 16th and 17th century, the region experienced a great economic blossoming, something which is reflected in its remarkable historical monuments. The natural landscape of the area is characterized by towering mountains, which are snow-capped in the winter and green in the summer. Moreover, one has to admire the stunning beaches that overlook the Aegean, the croplands, the traditional villages with the quaint old stone houses, mansions, monasteries and lastly its churches. The great Peneus River flows through the majestic Tembi Valley and also, through the well- protected forests which are also natural habitats.

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Sun - dried tomatoes with spices & olive oil, from Larissa "Local Products" 240g

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A typical Greek delicacy - not to be ignored!
Meet the producer: Local Products
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