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Product Description
"Melima" organic nougat with honey is made with crunchy almonds and pure honey. It is handmade and soft. The quantity of honey it contains is as much as needed to bring all the ingredients together and form a soft pliable mixture. "Melima" nougat with honey is a delicious and healthy snack for the office, the school, your pic-nic basket and the gym. It is an integral part of a healthy daily diet and a very good source of energy for the human body. You can also enjoy it for breakfast or combine it with yoghurt or ice-cream.
Raw sesame seeds and honey.
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Product History
Pasteli is a Greek traditional type of nougat based on sesame and honey, known and loved since ancient times. The basic recipe for pasteli with honey indicates that the honey should be boiled and then mixed carefully with sesame seeds to tie in well together. After the mixture is formed, it's left to cool down and then cut into pieces. Pasteli is ideally restorative and nutritious, as it contains vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Pastelis are distinguished between soft-boiled and crispy (if sesame seeds are dominant). Today, there can be found several variations with nuts, dried fruit, etc.
Meet the producer: Melima

“Melima” is a family business based in Veria of Imathia and specializes in the production of nougat with honey (pasteli). Faithful to the principles of biological production and Greek tradition and also responsive to the demands of the modern consumer for healthy products of high nutritional value, people of “Melima” produce biological handmade nougat with honey in a traditional way that helps maintain all its nutrients.

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Visit the region: Veroia

The region of Imathia attracts tourists all year round: here you can enjoy snowy slopes and surging rivers in the winter, fragrant flowers and herbs in spring, cool water fountains and shady trees in summer and mountain paths strewn with fallen leaves in autumn. Ancient monuments, such as the oldest Neolithic settlement in Europe in Nea Nicomedia, the royal tombs and unique archaeological findings in Vergina, the School of Aristotle−where Alexander the Great spent his childhood as a student of the great philosopher− byzantine buildings, monasteries and churches decorated with magnificent wall-paintings and other murals of Saints and traditional neighbourhoods of popular architecture are all evidence of the region's glorious history throughout the course of time.

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Organic nougat with honey, from Veroia "Melima" 30g

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Handmade, organic nougat with honey and sesame seeds!
Meet the producer: Melima
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