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Genuine and traditional products from every corner of Greece!

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Top Recipes
  • Cereal bars
  • Soumada custard with wild fig preserve
  • Arugula / rocket salad with melichloro cheese
  • Chicken drumsticks in a ceramic pot with raisins and molasses
  • Rice with dried figs and pomegranate
  • Semifreddo tart with sweet figs, raisins and molasses
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We searched every corner of Greece and we present them to you one by one!
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Honey! the Greek Superfood

In the 4th century BC Hippocrates taught that "your medicine is your food and your food is your medicine." Many years later, it turned out that the philosopher was absolutely right. Scientists are now trying to discover the natural foods that can contribute, not only to the prevention, but also to the cure of many diseases.

Let's start with garlic, which undoubtedly belongs to superfoods, as it has...

Can you think of a more relaxing picture than a picturesque table on the seafront, loaded with delicious appetizers, a jug of refreshing water, ice and a bottle of ouzo? Of course, good company to share all of these is essential!

Ouzo is a traditional Greek distillate of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), produced mainly in the areas of LesvosChios and Northern Greece. Its intense aroma and...

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