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  • Onion soup with olive oil, gruyère cheese and croutons
  • Mushroom soup with aromatic yogurt
  • Cut hilopites soup with lemon and egg sauce
  • Frumenty soup with xinomizithra cheese and salami chips
  • Chicken soup with lemon and egg sauce
  • Βean soup with pickled grape vine tendrils
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Honey! the Greek Superfood

Who can imagine the traditional Greek salad without its main ingredient, tomato? Countless recipes of the Greek cuisine are based on this summer vegetable, which gives its rich aroma and flavor to any dish.

The reason, however, why the use of tomato is so widespread in the Mediterranean cuisine is not only its rich flavor. Tomatoes owe their vivid red color and characteristic flavor to a variety of...

In the 4th century BC Hippocrates taught that "your medicine is your food and your food is your medicine." Many years later, it turned out that the philosopher was absolutely right. Scientists are now trying to discover the natural foods that can contribute, not only to the prevention, but also to the cure of many diseases.

Let's start with garlic, which undoubtedly belongs to superfoods, as it has...

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