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Genuine and traditional products from every corner of Greece!
Top Recipes
  • Kürbissuppe mit gegrilltem Knoblauch und Gewürzen
  • Pilzsuppe mit Kashkaval und kleinen Vollkorn-Zwieback (Kavroumadakia)
  • Fleishuppe aus Kefalonia
  • Suppe mit Knollensellerie, Apfel und knusprigem Prosciutto
  • Bohnensuppe (Fasolada) mit eingelegten Ampelokorfades (Weinranken).
  • Frumenty Suppe mit Xinomizithra  Käse und Salami Chips
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We searched every corner of Greece and we present them to you one by one!
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 Get to know Greek feta!

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."
- Aristotle

In ancient times, honey was widely known as "Nectar of the Gods" and numerous written references, which accent its nutritional and therapeutic value, have also been found.

Indians and Egyptians used to offer their Gods honeycombs as a sign of loyalty and devotion. The same used to happen in Greece, where honey held a dominant ...

Greek food is for sharing. Just ask anyone who has had the opportunity to be part of one of these typical, massive, never-ending Greek family tables.

But what makes all these gatherings so special?
No doubt, the mentality of friends or family and the table companionship, make a difference. Sure, a household cook may add up to the experience.
Nevertheless, how would such a typical Greek table be, with...

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